Welcome to My Personal Blog!

Hey there! Welcome to my blog, where I'll be sharing my journey of learning new stuff,mostly ai and cp stuff as well as documenting my experiences, and discussing the latest talks in the tech world.

Why I Started This Blog

The main inspiration behind creating this blog was seeing how people like andrej karpathy and george hotz had a blog where they documented everything they learned and their thoughts about stuff. Below you can find links to their Blogs which i think you might find interesting.Every time I delve into something new, whether it's a programming language, a framework, or a tool, I find myself diving deep into documentation, experimenting with code, and eventually gaining valuable insights. However, I've often found that the process of learning becomes even more rewarding when I can articulate my understanding and discoveries through writing in a way that i am teaching it to someone else.

What to Expect

On this blog, you can expect to find:

About Next.js

One of the first thing i would be writing in this blog would be how i discovered nextjs and its static site generation and learned that stuff to create this very blog.

See you Soon

Thats it for my first blog. Now check my latest blog which i will be writing as soon as i am done with this one. PS- Dont judge this website and it is still under development :) You can check out the github to see how am i doing.

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